Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It is not cheating if

After watching a comedy movie called "Road Trip", I knew that there are some rules by which men can sleep with other women "not their wives" and it can not be considered cheating, so i googled a little bit to find more about these rules, and here what i have found

  • you have two girls at the same time, so one invalidates the other.
  • you do it in a car (especially while driving, that is multi-tasking).
  • it's a threesome.
  • you keep your shoes on.
  • you are both married...it cancels each other out.
  • they look similar. then it's just a tribute.
  • you say the word rape once during.
  • it's for fitness purposes.
  • you go home afterwards and fulfill your duty.
  • It's in a different ZIP code.
  • its done standing up.
  • you get away with it.
  • you spread peanut butter on your balls and your dog licks it off.
  • if its you use the alternate enterence.
  • you don't remember.
  • it's with their best friend.
  • you don't use your real name.
  • if its with someone of the same sex.
  • it's with roadkill.
  • it's with royalty.
  • you change the sheets afterwards.
  • you can please all of them.
  • you had to pay for it.
  • you pay for it.
  • they're on top.
  • you get paid.
  • they're twins.
  • they don't find out.
  • they're your parents.
  • you are related.
  • she doesn't find out.
  • you cross your fingers.
  • you tell her right after.
  • you pay!.
  • it was actually them but you were thinking of someone else.
  • your just passing through.
  • you're wearing a costume.
  • you say ;it wasn't me;
  • you use a condom.
  • it's before your marriage.
  • if you pull out.
  • you take a shower afterwards.
  • people see you.
  • the pubes don't touch.
  • you're wearing a cowboy outfit.
  • you are married to other people.
  • do it in the room they are sleeping in.
  • you cried afterwards.
  • it's with a celebrity.
  • you're in a different area code, not to mention a different state.
  • you look like a giant testicle.
  • it is just one time.
  • it's in a toilet cubicle and you're drunk.
  • she says it's ok.
  • They accept food stamps.
  • she's dressed as a urinal.
  • you don't look them in the eye.
  • she's not human.
These rules where taken from here

Another rules
  • It's not cheating if you're really good at it.
  • It's not cheating if it's bestiality.
  • It's not cheating if your name is Kobe and you buy your wife a really phat diamond ring afterward.
  • It's not cheating if you're doing it to get a raise.
  • It's not cheating if your secretary is really hot.
  • It's not cheating if you don't cum.
  • It's not cheating if you're really drunk.
These rules where taken from here

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