Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting GSM info like Cell ID, signal Strength on Symbian SDKs

In this tutorial i will demonstarte different ways to get GSM information like
  1. Cell Tower ID
  2. Location Area Code of the current tower (LAC)
  3. Mobile Network Code (MNC)
  4. Mobile Country Code (MCC)
  5. SIM Card Operator
  6. Signal Strength
on different Symbian SDKs

void CTowerModel::RunL()
if(iCounter == 0)
iCounter = 1;
iTelephony->GetSignalStrength( iStatus, iSigStrengthV1Pckg);
iCounter = 0;
iTelephony->GetCurrentNetworkInfo( iStatus, iNetworkInfoV2Pckg);
The prevoius code switchs alternatvlty when iCounter=0,
Code gets Signal Strength using

and when iCounter = 1, Code gets the Network Info like Cell tower id,lac. mcc, mnc
Cell Tower ID ==>iNetworkInfoV2.iCellId
LAC ==>iNetworkInfoV2.iLocationAreaCode
MCC ==>iNetworkInfoV2.iCountryCode
MNC ==> iNetworkInfoV2.iNetworkId
Operator Name ==> iNetworkInfoV2.iShortName

you should add the following CAPABILITY to be able to get Signal Strength
  • Location
  • ReadDeviceData
  • ReadUserData
More detailed code can be found here

void CTowerModel::RunL()
iCellID = 1;
iSignalStrength = 1;
iMobileNetworkCode = 1;
iLocationAreaCode = 1;

MBasicGsmPhoneNetwork::TCurrentNetworkInfo cni;
User::LeaveIfError( phone.GetCurrentNetworkInfo( cni ) );
iCellID = cni.iCellId;
iLocationAreaCode = cni.iLocationAreaCode;
MBasicGsmPhoneNetwork::TNetworkInfo ni = cni.iNetworkInfo;
MBasicGsmPhoneNetwork::TBscNetworkId bni = ni.iId;
iMobileNetworkCode = bni.iMNC;
iMobileCountryCode = bni.iMCC;
TBuf<30> iOperatorName = ni.iLongName;

TInt32 st;
iSignalStrength = st;
iCellID = 0;
iSignalStrength = 0;
iMobileNetworkCode = 0;
iLocationAreaCode = 0;

To be able to test this code you might need to include etelbgsm.h File
A screenShot of the emulator Testing
More detailed code can be found here

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Want to use ActiveWidgets??

First For those who might don't know what is ActiveWidgets?

ActiveWidgets: is ActiveWidgets is a powerful javascript
component library which makes web application development a lot easier and more productive. ActiveWidgets provides you with a set of common visual elements (like datagrid, tabs, tree, combo) sharing professional look-and-feel and simple programming model.

In my opinion ActiveWidgets is a great javascript library, the only thing that i don't like about is that IT IS NOT FREE :D, so you can only have a trial version and if you try to use it in any of your projects "not just examples, that is the trick :D" you will propably see something like the next figure saying thay you are using an Evaluation Version.

So i tired to remove that thing "of course without paying", and indeed i was able to do that, so if any one is interested in the Free version, you will only have to replace the original aw.js "ActiveWidgets\runtime\lib" with a new one that is free to download from here"new aw.js"

To know what i have done, you can just compare the old file with the new files, good luck and i hope you enjoy it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Economic crisis in America "2008"

In the last period a lot of companies in the US have filed for bankruptcy protection, in the first I didn't care for that Phenomenon because I thought it was a temporary phase that US will eventually pass by.

But when General motors’ company files for bankruptcy protection, I knew that US is indeed going down, so I though I might write this post to keep track of all companies that files for bankruptcy protection.

The following is the name of the companies that face or file for bankruptcy protection

lehman brothers insurance

Tribune Company

Montenegro's Biggest Exporter

American Home Mortgage

Midway Games

Source Interlink

General Motors

i did also found a lot of company names in that link