Friday, March 6, 2009

Geolocation API faults

First of all I want to say that I am a big fan of Google Company, and this blog don’t intend to decrease its value. I am just stating the faults of Geolocation API Network Protocol

Geolocation API faults with examples

  1. Google don't take into consideration the signal strength of the submitted towers, that appears when you send 2 requests to Google with same tower id but with different signal strength, the response of Google will be the same for the 2 requests, example
  2. Google don’t take into consideration the MCC of the submitted request, that will appear when submitting 2 towers with the same MCC while one response will given certain country location while the other response will give another country, example
  3. Google do nothing with the history is the towers submitted by the user. That appears when you send 1 tower X and get a response Y also when you send 2 towers X and Z you will get the same response Y, example
  4. When a tower is unknown is submitted as the current tower with a know tower as previous tower, Google do nothing with the second tower and return nothing, example
  • The submitted examples are Wireshark files so to be able to open these files you need to download that software, download link
  • You can download the total examples from here

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