Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to sign your sis/sisx on your S60 Symbian SDK mobile

In that tutorial i will talk about you to sign your sis files on S60 symbain SDK I did manage to deploy my application on E63 Nokia device which has Symbian OS v9.2 version S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1.
I will divide this tutorial into 2 parts
  1. Deploy simple application that require no capabilities
  2. Deploy applications that require capabilities from your phone device

Simple application without capabilities

If you will want to deploy a simple application that doesn’t require any capabilities from your mobile phone you can deploy the generated sisx file generated from your carbide or whatever IDE you use but you will probably see that error message “Certificate error. Contact the application supplier”, to get around that error you can easily set your phone to install any application without checking for signed application and these are the steps to do that

Go to installations -> App.Manager -> choose options -> Settings, there you will find Software installation option change it to ALL and not signed only

After that you will be able to install any simple application you develop on your mobile isa

Application with capabilities

Case you are developing more complicated applications that requires capabilities from your phone, I assume you know the capabilities your application require also you know how to choose these capabilities from your IDE

If you try the previous way for deploying simple application you will probably get the following error “required application access not granted, to get around that you will have to get a certificate to be able to install your application on your device

There are 2 main choices to get your application signed to be able to deploy it

Without using publisher key/id

And so without any cost which I will take about in that tutorial. This way is mostly used for testing products or for students trying to make application required for their study in college like my case.

To be able to sign your application you will have to use the Nokia open signing beta tool online at the following link in which you have to set the IMEI of your mobile, choose the required capabilities of your application and finally upload your sis file and not the sisx file. After going through the whole process, Nokia will provide you with a new signed sis file which will be installed easily on your device isa

With using publisher key/id
This way is mostly used when you want to develop commercial products, you will have to require a publish key as far as I know and so you will have to pay for Nokia there share, I don't know much about that way but I guess this link might help you more if you like to go ahead in that direction.

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