Friday, July 10, 2009

Coordinate System Utility Library in Java

LatLongLib is a java library that provides the basic operations to be done on difference coordinate system
  • Latitude / longitude points
  • Degree, Minute, Second points
  • UTM points
To download LatLongLib library click here.
To find more details about the package (Javadoc, Testing Samples), click here.

The main Features provided by the package is
  1. Get Distance between two latitude/longitude points in meters using
    • getHaversineDistance
    • getVincentyDistance
    • getQuickEstimate
  2. Get slope between two latitude/longitude points using
    • getSlope
  3. Get point apart from certain point by certain distance and certain angle using
    • getPointAtDistance
  4. Convert latitude/longitude points to Degree Minute Second point using
    • calculateDMSFormat
  5. Convert Degree Minute Second point to latitude/longitude points using
    • calculateDDFormat
  6. Convert latitude/longitude points to UTM point using
    • LLtoUTM
  7. Convert UTM point to latitude/longitude points using
    • UTMtoLL


  1. Yes, it would be nice to upload documentation since the page you link here is not having any.