Friday, July 3, 2009

Tips for your graduate project documentation

In this post I will try to document what I have learned during the documentation phase of my graduate project.

Graduate project report comments:
  1. Written in Latex recommended, I personally suggest using MikTex and TexMaker.
  2. Introduction should goes like that
    • Overall All Idea.
    • Importance of that field "your thing".
    • Problem you are trying to solve.
    • Your contribution in solving that problem.
  3. Sections and subsections words should be capitalized.
  4. Avoid don't , isn't, use do not , is not.
  5. All axes in graphs should have the description and units.
  6. Make graphs black and white printable, show description line with different styles (solid, dotted) and not different colors.
  7. Add Related work sections for describing work done by others in the same field, don't forget adding references.

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